We are immersed in a process of cultural globalization and nowadays this must be reflected in the way we structure our partnerships, keeping a broader view in order to help invigorate and promote our projects.

Why set up barriers? Why limit ourselves to what surrounds us, if what we need is in another country thousands of miles away? This is not an obstacle for us; we make it possible thanks to the international partnerships we’ve established through the years.

Taking a production to another city, or even to another country, might sometimes be cheaper and more effective, and it may even be necessary for certain jobs; what matters is that we maintain the same quality and reliability, and our professionalism, experience and supervision guarantee as much.

We can shoot an advertising spot, a series or a film project, or organize screenings and exchanges among festivals through our VISUAL CINE  NOVÍSIMO platform, or through our production company, La Huella del Gato.
Our productions are viable and flexible, and we are present in several Latin American countries such as Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Chile and in the US.

Some of our partners include:

Todo por las niñas: Chile y USA.

Solaris Dreams Bogotá - Colombia

Latina Producciones